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we empower students with the knowledge of stock market which is one of the best available tools for individual wealth creation, generating annual returns of unprecedented level over the past century.

The lie:

A college degree guarantees a high-paying job.

Society places a lot of value on higher education, even though nearly a third of the billionaires in 2020 did not finish college education the likes of Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson, Matt Damon and Mark Zuckerberg. They are all dropouts.
While many degree programs do in fact pave the way to a six-figure career, getting a diploma does not mean you will earn six figures. When you see the amount of degree holders that remain underemployed and underpaid, it’s clear a degree isn’t a guarantee of a great career.
We aren’t here to say college degrees are useless or that you shouldn’t attend a four-year institution — just that they aren’t required to achieve success.
A college degree set by the society ensures you with a 50 to 200 thousand dollars of debt with an outcome of a pendulum. You may or may not succeed. The issue with the equation ‘college = success’ is that a formal, academic education is not for everyone. As Elon Musk rightly said “college is for having fun not learning”.


Talking about money is often difficult for families and completely obliterated from schools, our goal is to give students the power of Financial education which we think will empower the next generation and will facilitate the process of "HAVE" from "HAVE NOT"

How it works?

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In our financial program designed from the textbook of Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Peter Lynch and Ben Graham there is no doubt you will succeed, you have to work hard, stay the course and cut some bad habits if you have one.


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