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    Payments can be made online or over the phone or via paypal. Please make sure to register first and then use the same email to pay by paypal. We will not be able to reserve your seat without a completed registration form. We do not accept payment at the premise as your registration is processed and approved prior to your seat being confirmed. If your name is not on your teacher’s list, you will have to show your confirmation letter in order to join the class. Without one or the other, you will not be allowed to sit in.

    Before submitting, please note our REFUND POLICY

    We do not offer refund if you cancel after a class is in session or if you have taken a class and dropped out. We allow transfer between sessions at no additional cost. We offer refunds if you cancel up to 72 hours before a session starts, and charge a processing fee of $40. There is no refund for private classes. Rescheduling is allowed only if you cancel 24 hours prior to class. It may take 2-4 weeks for refund to be processed. Please do not submit if you do not agree to these terms.